Apr 6, 2016

Nikos Deja Vu - Command & Conquer και η ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΣΙΑ


Quotes φωνές και χαρακτήρες που ΛΟΓΟΚΡΙΘΗΚΑΝ ή μετονομάσθηκαν στο Command & Conquer - RED ALERT 2 YURI'S REVENGE, μετά το χτύπημα στη Νεα Υορκη απο τους τζιχαντιστές απο έκδοση 10/2001 και μετά, τυχεροί όσοι έχουν την προηγούμενη έκδοση του Αυγούστου του 2001 (8/2001), γιατί εκει υπάρχουν, όμως σήμερα υπάρχει σε full & uncensored* MONO στην έκδοση Command & Conquer: The First Decade, Double DVD 16GB, που καλύπτει την ..ενδεκαετία C&C 1995-2006, μαζί με όλα τα updates & patches και όλα τα cinematics...

Arnnie Frankenfurter
(Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Top Quotes:

- Your orders, give them to me!

- I'm pumped up!

- Find me something to terminate!

- I'm ready to rumble

- Nice night full of walk!

- Aaaaaa!

- You're terminated!

- You've been erased!

- Let me pump you up!

- It's judgement day!

- Take this, girly man!

- We got company..

- Things are not good here..

- We are under attack..

- More predators...

- Gwah!

- You can't control me!

- I still have total recall..

- My mind is my own!

- Harnest my rage, Commander, and show Yuris girly man what it means to be powerful!

Flint Westwood
(Clint Eastwood)

Top Quotes:

- I was born ready

- Call me Harry

- Meet Smith & Wesson

- 45 on the move

- Ready to go?

- Down & dirty

- Magnum on the move

- Runnin' the gauntlet

- Walkin' the tightrope

- I'll blow'em away

- In the line of fire

- Take this advice, punk!

- You're makin' my day

- It's rainin' lead!

- Deep in to the deadpool here!

- It's getting hairy (Harry)

- Don't mess with my head!

- Try me again, punk!

Sammy Stallion
(Sylvester Stallone)

Top Quotes:

- Yo!

- I'm their worst nightmare

- Ready for round one

- I'm your worst nightmare

- Yo, I'm there!

- Fancy footwork

- You know it

- Allright, sounds like a plan!

- You ain't so bad

- You want war? You got it!

- Did you bring bodybags?

- You want war?

- You got it!

- You ain't nothin'

- You're the disease - I'm the cure

- They've hittin' pretty hard..

- This ain't looking so good!

- Hey! Yo! How 'bout some help here?

- Yo, you can't scramble my brains

- Yo, nice try!

- I ain't even got a headache

- Yo, my mom hits harder than that!

- I got a hard head!

- Yo, thanks for getting me out Commander!

~ Hey we need some help here!

- You're the disease..

- I'm the cure!

(Sean Connery με βαριά σκωτσέζικη προφορά)


Top Quotes:

- Commander?

- Mission sir?

- Give me a plan!

- Give me a target!

- Agent ready!

- Operation underway!

- Indeed!

- Give me a mission!

- Disguise ready!

- They found me out!

- I've been spotted!

- Ready to infiltrate..

- Obtaining intelligence..

Nikos Deja Vu

* Μόνο στο multiplayer & skirmish mode, στο κανονικό game ακούγονται σαν τους GΙ πάντα μετά το patch, version 1.001

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