Aug 31, 2012

Nikos Deja Vu - Occupy Europe

Occupy Europe

Every year about half a million strangers come to Europe. They come to live, not for tourism purposes. We see those faces on TV screens and newspapers and, it seems, soon we will see them in our streets and neighbourhoods.

The ancient Greeks gave such people a historic name – the barbarians. Only later did we see the adoption of the softer term of ‘strangers’. There were various tribes and nations of barbarians with violent ones even forming their own category – the vandals. Until today, these two concepts have not disappeared from society, only to be more associated with destruction. We probably remember what kind of people our grandparents and parents called barbarians and vandals? Yes, it was the people of the Soviet empire, the ones that had no concept of Lithuanian customs and civilized order. It took half a century, until the third generation of immigrants had grown up and somehow adapted to the life order that had been cherished for centuries.

The new direction of nations

It is said that now man no longer has any real allegiance, there is no need neither for history, nor loyalty. Man now stands very proudly, as in proletarian M. Gorky’s play “At the Bottom”. Man now – is really a Man: a munching, travelling animal and free-life creature. Without nation and place. At least for now, communism wins: the beating heart of equality taking hold of the harmony of Europe.

It is true that civilization not only modifies people and cuisine, but also countries. There are civilized barbarians now, who are accustomed to the fruits of the technology age. They learned how to mash the keyboard in order to find bread in the internet – travel routes. And they travel through the world wherever their eyes may lead them, and where the electrical navigation is directing. Even the poor savages from Afghanistan – who travel with ingested drugs. From this we become a greater collective, when it is easier to forget where they came from.

All much the same, because everyone needs their Coca Cola and soybean cakes, and should existence become sad, Hollywood and TV screens will churn out a sweet remedy. The wings of planes carry people everywhere; refugee camps and hostels are ubiquitous. Civilizing, maintaining the barbarians. In short, the new times see the crossing of borders with little more to say.

Why most of them head directly to Europe? Because she, aging and not reproducing, is shouting, “I am a flexible expanding commuter train, as much as you can force in – all will get in to me!”

Europe as a transitional yard

The great migration of nations began in the Roman Empire, 300 AD, and ended about 900 AD. At that time the current states began to develop, which, speaking figuratively, installed doors in crumbling walls. After all, the rulers of the kingdoms reminded people that the house, if it is meant to be a house, may not double as a transitional yard.

Currently, the kingdoms walls have collapsed, countries are also dissolving in the ideals of the EU. Will it save the nations? Their borders? “And what is a nation?” – Asks the EU president, Herman van Rompuy. “Well, there is such a thing, Mr. President, – we answer him. Lithuania still is a nation. ”

However, the problem has come to stay for a long time and it cannot be simply disregarded. Not only technology but also the colonial legacy disgorged in Europe, as well as elsewhere in the western world. Technologies take away the desire to continue the race, to reproduce. Therefore, the army of immigrants serves in place for the disappearing instinct.

Defenceless Asian and African beggars – arrive to the suburbs of Europe; to become the youth of the new EU countries. Let’s look at the map: the former imperial nations, the United Kingdom along with The Netherlands, currently there is a greater percentage of immigrants than was in our country during the times of the Soviet occupation. And it’s not a coincidence, the process continues. This is the price for the welfare of the nineteenth century. Britain and The Netherlands even have a rule: to behave with former colonies as they were their own people.

But this is only one side of the coin. The other side is facing us for we must keep the strangers from the other side as if they were our own people. That, you see, is the continent’s responsibility. Duty also for those who had never sold slaves and had never organized colonial expeditions. It is enough that we are all white; therefore we must suffer the guilt. Such is the duty here.

NATO begins bombing Libya? The poor people of this country took to the Mediterranean Sea, arriving in Lampedusa to seek shelter in Europe. Do they have the right? Yes, they do.

Another issue is that about 50 million people are ready to relocate from North Africa to Europe. The poor people of Libya have an excuse, now they have used it. 50,000 immigrated? Never mind, it is only 10 percent. The quota will grow as East Europe becomes emptier, with Latvia and Lithuania – the champions of depopulation.

The immigrant – already a local

Will the cow remain healthy with its current humanitarian ideology? After all, there is less manufacturing industry, as factories relocate to China and Indonesia. What are the immigrants for – for what type of work if you do not need cheap labour? Simply sweep the streets, to clean hotels and guesthouses?

Immigration services of the Baltic countries as well as refugee camps (our own – Pabradė) know clearly what the first question will be when an immigrant opens the door – shouting in broken English something along the lines of, “How much money will I receive?!” When he hears how much, only to cry louder: “Why so low? Why is it ten times less than in Sweden? What are you – not Europe?” This is the mantra which is held tightly by these passionate eyes. To work or study? Not nearly a half of the newcomers are interested in what it is (In 2010 Germany finally recognised it too). Essentially – support me and that is it! Because you are guilty, because you are Europe.

Lithuanian emigrants sweep the streets and wash dishes in London. Our cheap labour do this even with the diploma in their pocket, sometimes even with a dissertation. However, they don’t work for a long time, Asians and Africans work for less money and therefore take their job places. Lithuanians still expect to better themselves and to one day return home. Africans and Asians do not expect anything, they won’t return anywhere. Because they are in heaven, they are in their new home. Yes, at home, because home is where you get soy or rice and nobody shoots. By the way, isn’t this the real new home? After all, you just need to have offspring and then you immediately become a European citizen. How do you name it? It must be a truly unrefined, politically incorrect name. This is the new occupation of Europe.

Has history repeated itself? It was when the Ottomans stood at the gates of Vienna and the Arabs brought Islam to Spain. Then Europe defended herself.

And now? Now there is no energy, now steeped even in the European Constitution, where the “Christian culture” is not even a concept. Even in the preamble.

Therefore, there is no wonder seeing how quickly the new occupiers are building mosques here. And why not to build, for example, when in The Netherlands – already almost an atheistic paradise of technology, there even provincial churches are being transformed into hotels, restaurants and guesthouses. Europe is being sold out to Muslim communities. So there is no one to blame.

European exhaustion

Although looking at the eyes of the truth other things become clear: Europe is guilty herself. Her collapse. The loss of life passion. When a Lithuanian is unwilling to give birth and is running from the homeland, they cannot find anything to say but shouting to the TV screen, “the government is guilty” – it is a verdict to the person themselves. Their entire ideology, not the government. Overturn the government, re-elect it, but do not run like a rabbit. No, he will run, and the whole world will be indebted to him. Just as it is indebted to Asian and African vagabonds. Only this one reproduced and will continue to reproduce. But Lithuanians? No, they are tired.

The second law of thermodynamics is called the entropy law. It states that when the system starts to decay there is only an internal energy metabolism to facilitate this degradation. The entropy of human life is a depression. Look at a man that has been exhausted internally. He is an “entropic”. This type is very widespread in Europe. Neither Christ helps him, nor Dr. Freud.

Thus – the exhaustion of Europe. What does it expect? To replace their population with third world immigrants? Yes, but what are they are going to do here, how will they make money? When the production is the computers and the real thing – a match, lighter, candle or a toy is born in China? Will China engage in charity? Will Brazil maintain this charitable ideology? And why should it maintain it? There is a completely different understanding of life in that world, strength and honour are not composed of charity there. America will help? I don’t think so! America has bluffed in a game of poker a hundred years ahead.

There is only one hope left for Europe: that as soon as possible the third world will sit next to computers, fall into the same traps of technology and the youth will lose their desire to reproduce. Like in our country. Then the time of equality will come...

Nikos Deja Vu

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