Aug 10, 2012

Nikos Deja Vu - The EU Price of Greek Sovereignty. Will Revolution Follow? (LIE? or TRUE?)

The EU Price of Greek Sovereignty
Will Revolution Follow?

Really folks, is anyone surprised?
Greece is bankrupt, Greece is also an occupied vassal state, stripped, by unelected foreign bureaucrats of controls over her finances and thus over her.
Do not be mistaken that this Greek financial disaster is causing real heart ache amongst the surer EUcrats, nah, this is exactly what they have been waiting for.
Why? Because the Lisbon Treaty, passed without any input of any of the enslaved peoples, except for the Irish, provides just for this: for a bunch of uppity Brussels aristocratic bureaucrats and their EU elites ruling the member states as their personal estates.

Like a God send, the Greek crisis has given them an excuse to absolutely steal a member state's sovereignty absolutely and permanently.
Or so it seems.

Never mind that the whole move is illegal by the very foundation of the EU: Article 125 states that the "Union shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments . . . or public undertakings of any member state." Further, "a member state shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments . . . of another member state". But, as we have seen, dear readers, so so many times, the Western elites are nothing if not absolute hypocrites and opportunists for their one real love: control over every human life in their sphere of power and thus more power.

So what has membership in the EU brought the Greeks? Well, many will say investment and that is true. What is also even more true was that this investment was meant to keep the people from revolting when the Euro zone's standard inflation destroyed the Greek tourist industry. As the Drachma became history and the over valued Euro the new king, prices shot up and drove away the main Greek tourists: Russians, over to arch rival and still cheap vacation spot, Turkey.

The EU investments never made up for the destroyed tourist economy and Europeans never took the place of Russians.
Unemployment soured.

Than came the usual, anti-Christian measures of the Eurocrats: homosexual parades and special rights, open immigration to tens of thousands of militant Islamics, not to mention being forced to take part in an illegal war of terror against their historic allies, the Serbs. In other words, the destruction of the Orthodox, Greek culture and the creation of the Novi Evropeits, the New European, a man without culture or identity, an unquestioning worker ant.

Greece has been rocked for over a year by Marxist riots, terrorist bombings, Albanian terror and Arab/Pakistani Islamic protest and harassment.
The question now, will the Nationalists, the Church and the Military tolerate becoming a colony of the latest incarnation of the Ottomans, this time with the capital in Brussels and a soul split between atheism and Islam.

Will the NCM block continue to sit by as Greece, two hundred years after winning its independence from tyranny is led, by the Socialists and Elites, back into bondage?
Or will they take the powerful move and over throw the inept local government and the tyrannical Eurocrats out on their ear and lead Greece away from bondage of the EU?

-- 2011 is proving to be an interesting year, already! --

Nikos Deja Vu

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