Jan 23, 2011

Nikos Deja Vu - The "Revenge" of the Hellenic Secret Sevice (after the Imia incident)

Kardak Krizi - Unutulmaz SAT Operasyonu
(Kardak Crisis - Famous SAT Operation)
THE TURKISH VIEW (of course)...

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(automatic greek to english translation)

The "Revenge" of the Hellenic Secret Sevice (after the Imia incident)

On the 30 Jan 96, 12 Turkish Frogmen Commandos landed on IMIA, which almost led to all out warfare between Greece and Turkey if it were not for US diplomatic intervention.

This crack team of Turkish Commandos were under the command of Special Forces Major Zeki Zen of the infamous Unutulmaz SAT.

The 12 Turkish Commandos withdrew after a few hours in the face of Greek threats to scorch the island from air attack which would inevitably have led to war.

Whilst on IMIA, A Greek Naval Augusta Bell AB-212 Helicopter Crashes mysteriously, killing all 3 on board, including 2 Hellenic Navy Helicopter Pilots whilst on a reconnaissance mission over IMIA. The official position is that the Helicopter crashed as a result of Mechanical Failure/Pilot Error. However, when the wreckage was salvaged, the fuselage was riddled with bullet holes, and there is substantial speculation from the Greek Military that the helicopter was fatally damaged due to Turkish Fire from the 12 Turkish Commandos on IMIA.

The Commandos then returned to Turkey as heroes. They were decorated with Turkey's most distinguished medals of valour. The 12 Commandos were then infamously known from within the Turkish Military as the heroic "Kardak Team".

Only 2 months later, the Turkish Navy held an exercise in the Aegean and Sea of Marmara. Major Zeki Zen was again the commander of all Special Forces operations and had decided to deploy his prized "Kardak Team" on amphibian naval demolition exercises. 10 out of the 12 "Kardak Team" were on board a Turkish Naval Cougar Helicopter when it miraculously exploded in mid air and crashed in the sea killing all on board. The remaining 2 remained on board the frigate as they were medically unfit to participate in the exercise at the time.

There was widespread media and military speculation that the Greek Military had either shot down the Cougar as an act of revenge for the lost Hellenic Navy AB-212 Helicopter.

The "Kardak Team" was then disbanded as only 2 of the original IMIA Commandos are alive. These 2 were then transferred to another Special Forces Unit.

Three days later, the remaining 2 "Kardak Team" (Seals) died in a car crash, which further increased Turkish speculation of Greek involvement.

Major Zeki Zen was secretly transferred to Georgia as part of Turkey's UN deployment in that country. The Turkish Ministry of Defence was fearful that the Greek KYP might have been aware of his whereabouts.

Zen then returns to Turkey on 06 May 03. 2 days later he was seen celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend and friends at the LAILA nightclub in Istanbul. He spends the night at the Ciragan Palace Hotel. (http://www.kempinski-istanbul.com/en/home/index.htm)

The next day at 1530, he was stabbed in the back by three youths!

So withing 3 months of the IMIA crisis, all 12 Turkish Commandos that landed on IMIA were killed. In 2003, their decorated Commanding Officer Major Zeki Zen is murdered in Istanbul.

The above events seem to be too much of a coincidence.

It is extremely viable that the Turkish Navy Cougar was shot down by Greek forces as a reprisal for IMIA. So how did the Greek KYP know that the "Kardak Team" was on board the Cougar? Well the answer to this is that they didn't. But they could have been aware that they were on board the Turkish Frigate they took off from. Intelligence is a very funny business and I do have some kind of knowledge of how it works. For example, when the RAAF AP-3C Orions are shadowing Russian Nuclear Submarines all over the world, the crew receives intelligence briefs of the Submarines Captain and senior officers, containing their complete bio, including character profiles and even their home address in Moscow. Where this information is sourced I could not tell you as I have no idea. It may come from ASIC, Defence Signals Directorate, CIA, MI6, Mossad, Pentagon, Akrotiri, Pine Gap, Alaska, paid Russian informants...who knows! But there is absolutely nothing at all that should surprise any of you as to the sophistication of some nations intelligence services.

So was the Turkish Navy Cougar crash and elaborate Hellenic secret service operation which gave the Greek Military the necessary knowledge to shoot the Cougar down? This is not as far fetched as it sounds.

If the Turkish reports of Greek sabotage are true, then the IMIA crisis of 1996 can only be deemed s a resounding Greek victory comparable only to 1821.

The unfortunate Death Toll as a result of the IMIA events is as follows: Greece 3 - Turkey 13

May all those that serve their country and gave their lives, RIP!

Nikos Deja Vu

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