Jul 12, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu - Christophe - The girl from Salina (1970) [HQ]

Nikos Deja Vu - Christophe - The girl from Salina - From the film La route de Salina (1970)

Road to Salina (French: La route de Salina) is a 1970 French film, a psychological thriller directed by Georges Lautner. It stars Robert Walker Jr, Mimsy Farmer and Rita Hayworth. The film is based upon Maurice Cury’s novel Sur la Route de Salina. A French- Italian co production, it was shot in English in the Canary Islands.

The Story:

Jonas, a young drifter, is wandering in a deserted area on the road to Salina. He stops to drink some water at a desolate roadside service station, but Mara, the owner, identifies him as her son Rocky, who disappeared four years ago. Jonas is overwhelmed by the awkward situation, but tired and hungry, he accepts Mara’s offer of room and board. Feeling sorry for Mara, he pretends to be her beloved son Rocky. Jonas is soon comfortably assuming Rocky’s identity. Initially he believes that Mara is just delusional, but when Warren, Mara’s old friend and neighbor, arrives for a visit, surprisingly Warren also acts as if Jonas were Rocky.

As Billie, his alleged sister, comes home, Jonas thinks that the game is over and that he will be finally unmasked as an impostor, but even Billie recognizes him as her brother. The attractive and carefree Billie soon take him under her wing, they spend all the time together, go skinny dipping in the ocean and an erotic relationship start between Jonas and his allegedly sister. Everything seem to be fine and Jonas begins to relax in his role as Rocky. Mara, Billie and Warren enjoy a dinner party together celebrating Rocky’s come back.

Realizing that Billie is having a passionate affair with her allegedly brother, Mara and Warren are afraid that the harmony so recently reach would soon be broken. Uneasy, Jonas becomes increasingly interested in finding the reasons for the disappearance of the true Rocky. He has the first clues in his search from Warren, who never expressing any doubt that he is Rocky mention the past and brings to a conversation the name of Rocky’s girlfriend, Linda. In search for answers, Rocky goes to Salina and finds Linda who runs a local restaurant as Warren told him. He drops a glass at the bar to draw attention to himself and Linda is the first person who fails to recognize him as Rocky. Back at the house, Jonas steals from Billie’s bedroom some old photographs and confirms his suspicions that he does not even resemble the real Rocky. When he confront Billie with the truth she tells him that she has lied to protect Mara and that she loves Rocky and wanting him back.

In an attempt to resolve his mounting confusion, Jonas visits Linda again. She tells him that she was going to elope with Rocky the day he disappeared. The surprising visit of Charlie, and old friend of Jonas, once again threatens to completely destroyed the facade that he is really Rocky, but not only Mara and Billie seem totally undisturbed when Charlie calls Jonas by his real name, but Charlie and his companions have a good time with Mara, Billie and the bewildered Jonas. Instead of accepting his friend offer of leaving with him, Jonas stays with Billie and Mara.

Jonas finally learns the shocking truth about the nature of his "sister's" behavior. When Rocky wanted to leave the incestuous relationship with his sister, Billie unintentionally killed him with a rock while trying to stop him. The revelations marks a turning point in Jonas relationship with Billie, from then on she avoids him. Rebuked by her, Jonas explodes during an argument with Billie. Shaking her against a wall, he accidentally kills her. He runs away in the middle of a rainstorm in spite of Mara’s protestations. Mara begs him to stay and offers him to help him hide Billie’s body under the station as she did with Rocky but instead Jonas goes to Salina and tells the sheriff what have happened. The story is told in flashback.

The Cast:

The film is notable for its cast. Robert Walker jr , is the son of famous actors Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones. It was the last film of Ed Begley who died in April, 1970 and the second to last film for legendary screen siren Rita Hayworth.

Robert Walker Jr – Jonas
Mimsy Farmer - Billie
Rita Hayworth - Mara
Ed Begley - Warren
Marc Porel - Rocky
Sophie Hardi - Linda
Bruce Pecheur -Charlie
David Sachs - Sheriff

Great film, great actors....

Nikos Deja Vu

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