Jun 2, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu - Mikis Theodorakis in East Berlin

Sfagio-Otan sfigoun to Cheri-Tha simanoun I kambanes. Sfagio is from the cycle songs for Andreas which Theodorakis wrote for his friend Andreas Lendakis. The other two songs are from the cycle Romiosini, lyrics by Yiannis Ritsos.

Not long before the fall of the Berlin Wall Theodorakis gave an open-air concert on the Rosa Luxemburgplatz in the East German part of the city. This vcr recording was made in West Berlin and is in black and white due to the difference in tv systems between the two germanies (or so I have been told) An historic piece of "Ostalgie"

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  1. un pezzo di storia.... e la musica a segnare il tempo, le date storiche...