Jun 17, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu - The Greek-Pontian History (for the Panhellenes)

Short Synopsis of..
The Greek-Pontian History
for the Hellenic Diaspora

--Click here to see an ancient map of Pontos --

The presence of Greeks at the Euxeinos Pontos, the Black Sea, dates back to early times. Research suggests that in the period around 1000 BC first trading adventures in this area took place, searching mainly for gold and minerals.

The trip of Jason and the Argonauts to Kolchis, the adventures of Ulysses in the country of the Cimmerians, the punishment of Prometheus by Zeus and the arresting of his body to the mountains of Caucasus, the sailing of Hercules on the Black Sea and other Greek myths related to this area, testify the existence of ancient trading routes.

In the 8th century BC, the only occasionally occupied trading posts began to develop into permanent settlements. The town of Miletus was the first to start its colonization politics at the Black Sea by founding its daughter-city Sinope that proved to have great advantages with its useful harbour and its accessibility towards the hinterland. In a similar pattern numerous cities with large populations emerged in the course of time, strong centers with important sea trade and strong cultural influence.

Archaeological excavations and plenty of written sources of the classical and post-classical period have unveiled interesting testimonies about the organization of these settlements, of their economic activities and of the trade and political relations with their colonial mother-cities, with other Greek cities and also with indigenous people.

In the first centuries of their existence the colonies remained in the same patterns of social and political organization as their colonial mother-towns.

The predominance of the Greek cities in the political life of the region becomes apparent by the reaction of the local people who took over Greek culture and Greek thinking out of their own will. In the period of Alexander the Great and his successors, the economic power of the Greek cities peaked. The impact of the Greek culture on the indigenous people remained strong and helped to develop their social and cultural systems.

Under the reign of the Pontian king Mithridates VI Eupator, the Greek language became official language of the many and therefore polyglot people of Asia Minor.

Even in Roman times, the Greek culture in the eastern part of the Black Sea retained its freedom, its independence and self-determination as well as its leading role in the economic and cultural life of that region.

Christianity arrived in Pontos very early by the apostles St. Andrew and St. Peter. Both of them and also later the church fathers profited from the fact that in most of the Hellenised indigenous societies the spoken language was Greek. By the spread of Christianity, Greek culture and national identity was in turning transferred to these people. As a result, a homogenous culture emerged, based on the uniting element of Orthodoxy.

The capture of Constantinople by the Franks in 1204, resulted in the splitting of the Byzantine Empire into small Frankish states, but also in the foundation of smaller Greek empires. Alexios, a member of the dynasty of the Komnenes, and his brother David, founded with the help of their aunt, the Georgian queen Thamar, in Pontos the Empire of the Great Komnenes of Trebizond. The up to that point unimportant city achieved a place in world’s history by this coincidence.

The fall of Constantinople (1453) and, eight years later of Trebizond (1461) mark one of the greatest fractures in Greek history. Immediately after the seize of Trebizond by the Ottomans, many inhabitants of the rich coastal towns and the villages fled.

Most of them escaped into the remote mountain regions of Pontos. Here, out of the sight of the new rulers, they founded new villages and cities, a new and free Greek civilization.

However, part of the refugees settled in central Russia, at the coasts of southern Russia, in the region of Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan, where they founded new Greek cities, cultural centers, to which persecuted Greeks were gracefully received also in later years.

This in turn resulted in the simultaneous existence of a second Pontian-Greek civilization, particularly in Russia, which through the whole period of Ottoman reign, grew by migration of refugees.

Only in Russia half a million Pontians existed. By the year 1918 the total population grew up to 650,000 people. On the opposite shore of the Black Sea, on Turkish territory, the history and culture of the Pontians and also of the other Greek-born inhabitants came to a tragic end through the treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

 This treaty brought about the forceful expulsion of Greek people living on Turkish territory; a process called «the Catastrophe of Asia Minor» in Greek history.

The criteria for the exchange in the treaty of Lausanne was the religious dependency, which had the effect that Greeks which had turned themselves to Islam in 17th century, did not become part of the exchange. This explains why inhabitants in regions around the Pontian towns Tonya, Ophis, Sourmena and Matsouka still today, 75 years after the Catastrophe of Asia Minor live in Turkey and speak their Pontian-Grek dialect. They remember their Greek despondence and preserve their Greek and even Christian traditions.

Pontians living in the territory of the former Soviet Union are still estimated to be half a million people who stick to their Pontian-Greek traditions to the extent as that is permitted by the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Pontians managed – like all persecuted and in the first years disadvantaged refugees – to heal the wounds of their fate by diligent and honest behaviour. In their respective new home countries they preserved their tradition, songs and dances, in short: their culture.

Those who settled in former times especially in boarder areas, continue today to be boarder guards, diligent, honest and progressive.

Chronicles of Pontian Hellenism

  • 3rd millennium BC Prometheus punished by the gods and banished to the Caucuses for giving fire to humankind.
  • 1210 BC Jason, leader of the Argonautic expedition to Pontos, Jason and Medea in Greece.
  • 770 BC Militos establishes (founds) its first colony in Sinope.
  • 756 BC Militos and Phokaia found Amisos
  • 756 BC Sinope founds Trepizond (Trapezunt). Pontos (the Black Sea), from Pontos Axenos (inhospitable sea) is renamed Pontos Euxine or Euxinus (hospitable sea).
  • 551-549 BC The occupation of Pontos by the Persians
  • 480-470 BC Following the defeat of the Persians in Salamina the Greek cities of Pontos become independent.
  • 331 BC The Greek cities of Pontos declare their submission to Alexander the Great. The beginning of the Hellenistic Period.
  • 280 BC Mithridates I, “The Builder”, establishes the Kingdom of Pontos.
  • 145 BC Mitrhridates the V assists Rome in the third Punic War.
  • 111 BC Mithridates VI becomes King of Pontos and in the battle with the Romans is distinguished as a leader of Hellenism.
  • 88 BC The First Mithridatic War.
  • 86 BC The destruction of Athens by Sylla.
  • 86 BC The defeat of Archelaos, General of Pontos in Chaeronea.
  • 83 BC The second Mithridatic War.
  • 82 BC Mithridates defeats Mourenie, the Roman General who had invaded Pontos.
  • 74 BC The Third Mithridatic War.
  • 63 BC Pompey occupies Pontos and divides it into the Galatian (Gaul) Pontos and the Polemoniako Pontos.
  • 8 BC-21 AD Pythodorida, friend of the historian-geographer Stabo of Amasia, reigns in Pontos.
  • 124 AD The Emperor Hadrian visits Trebizond (Trapezunt).
  • 5th century AD Wars of the Byzantines and the Persians, Trebizond a large port-passeway to the Silk Route. Pontos constitutes an Issue of the Byzantine Empire.
  • 1204 Occupation of Constantinople by the Crusaders. The foundation of the Empire of Trebizond by the brothers, Alexis (Alexius) and David Komneno. Alexius becomes the first Emperor 1204-1232.
  • 1346 Defeats of the Turcoman and the Seltzuk Turks in Pontos. Relations of Genoa and Venice with the Trebizond Empire.
  • 1402 The Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I (Yildirim Bayezid) is defeated by Tamerlan in the battle of Ankara. The military troops of the Trebizond Empire participate in the battle on the side of Tamerlan.
  • 1453 The Fall of Constantinople by the Ottomans. Flooding of refugees to Trebizond.
  • 1461 (15.8) The Fall of Trebizond-occupied by the Ottomans. The beginning of the Middle Ages (Dark Age) for the Pontians, during a period when Europe leaves the Dark Ages behind and progress towards Renaissance.
  • 1682 The foundation of the Frondistirion of Trebizond. The beginning of the awakening, the revival and the renaissance.
  • 1814 The Foundation of the Philikie Etairea, Prince Alexander Ypsilantis, of Pontian descent, is distinguished as its leader.
  • 1821 Alexander Ypsilantis crosses the Proutho river on the border of Russia-Romania and calls for the Balkan peoples insurrection against the Ottomans. The beginning of the Greek Revolution.
  • 1829 The First Russian-Turkish War – the Pontian Exodus to Russia.
  • 1876-78 The second Russian-Turkish War, a new Exodus of the Pontian people to Russia.
  • 1885 The First Armenian Genocide.
  • 1894 The establishment of the neo-turk party “Union and Progress”.
  • 1908 Manifestation of the racist neo-turk movement.
  • 1914 Slaughters, deportations, persecutions of the Greeks of Ionia and Thrace.
  • 1915 The Armenian Genocide.
  • 1916-1919 The first period of Pontian Genocide. New Exodus of the Pontian people to Russia.
  • 1919 Kemal Pascha Ataturk lands in Amissos of Pontos. Systematization of the plans to exterminate the Pontians.
  • 1919-1923 The second stage of the Pontian Genocide. Death-deportations, death-exiles to Kurdistan-Syria.
  • 1922 Forced Exodus of the Pontians to Greece and Russia.
  • 1922 Burning and destruction of Smyrne by the kemalists.
  • 1925 The Genocide of the Kurds in the USSR.
  • 1924-1935 The Pontian renaissance in the USSR.
  • 1937 Stalin’s first persecutions of the Pontians.
  • 1945-1949 Deportations of the Pontians from the Crimea, the Caucasus and Georgia to Central Asia.
  • 1949 Civil War in Greece and the Pontian involvement.
  • 1955 Pogrom against the Greeks of Constantinople. The beginning of the Forced Exodus of the Greeks from the historic city.
  • 1967-1974 The dictatorship in Greece.
  • 1988 Second Pontian World Congress. The beginning of a systematic stuggle for international recognition of the Pontian Genocide.
  • 1989-1990 The end of Bipolarity. The New Cycle of the Pontian Refugees from Russia.
  • 1994 (16.2.) The Greek Parliamnet recognizes the Pontian Genocide.
  • 1994 (19.5.) The Cypriot Parliament recognizes the Pontian Genocide.
  • 2000 Pontian oppression intensified in Turkey.
  • 2002 George Pattakis the Governor of the State of New York recognizes the Pontian Genocide and May 19 as its Memorial Day. Other states follow in the U.S.A..
  • 2004 (1204) The Eight Centcentenial, 800 years since the foundation of the Trebizond Empire.

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Nikos Deja Vu

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