Mar 11, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu - Crucifiction of Jesus Christ

With bleeding back, carrying His cross under the heat of the now almost midday sun, He [Jesus] journeyed up the rugged heights of Golgatha. Reaching the appointed place of execution, His hands and feet were nailed to the tree. For three hours He hung there with the pitiless rays of the sun beating down [on] His thorn-crowned head. This was followed by the three hours of darkness, now over.

Music: "Interdude 5- Buries in the Void" by Dreams of Dying Stars.


  1. e un vero capolavoro questo clip...grazie Nikos

  2. If it were possible, I,d like to crucify him too. All the moral pain he,s done even nowadays, all the lies, all the innocent blood dropped in his...holly name allow me to say so. starting from Judas. The stupid and fancy Jesus oblied him to denounce to the romans to achieve literally the prophecy... He comited suicide, crosses apart but with Judas hunged-up wittnessing such a mess. i,m a concient atheist. Logic, common sense in stead of phanatism, all the way

  3. nice music, anyway. thanks a lot