Feb 3, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu & The Holy Trinity - American Ghostrider - A True Story

Watch it in HD here:
and here:


  1. its not fiction, if you remember all channels saw this in real time back in 2006, the guy broke the speed limit, police chased him for hours, but they never arrested him, so later to cover this BS they saw us some person covered with a blanket so we couldn't see anything and the subtitle was "we got him" but they made a very big mistake!!!!! Blanket couldn't cover his legs so clearly we saw a cop trouser below, not the guy's trouser, if you search you'll find out.

  2. vedo come la moto sorpassa con sicurezza tutti gli autoveicoli...senza esitare un attimo..bravissimo il motociclista...bello il filmato...grazie Nikos (^.^)