Apr 18, 2009

Nikos Deja Vu - An Easter Tradition - Chios Island - Greece

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  1. Happy Easter Nik I need to change the computer That is why I didnot connect .
    The tradition of the rockets looks like the border to the US an Mexico many people there working for the homeland security have been hurt a lot is not disclosed due to rules the agencies have about
    their personnel .Happy easter

  2. Easter Day - Alleluia!
    One of the deeper meanings of Easter is that the Holy is eternally bringing life not only out of physical death but all forms of death - injustice, inhumanity, fear, loneliness, estrangement, isolation, poverty, despair. No matter what the form death takes, the Ultimate Reality that lies at the heart of the Universe is Love and Love conquers and transforms and empowers with new Life. It is Love and Life that are ultimately real. And these are sheer, unadulterated gift. A joyous Easter to you, dear Nikos.

  3. wish I had " THE LOVE" you adhere to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm sure you can "pass" it on !!!!! or "piss" most off unadultereable speaking xxxxxxxxxxx what star ship you on xxxxxx

  4. That looks like so much fun man!

  5. Kalo Pasxa! Igia kai kai hara !