Jan 31, 2009

Grand Funk Railroad - Loneliness (live'97)

Video: Grand Funk Railroad - Loneliness (studio)

Loneliness by Grand Funk Railroad
from the 1971 album E Pluribus Funk

The Lyrics

Loneliness cries deep from my soul,
Keeps trying to tell me about the world growing so cold.
Too many people trying to take from my Earth,
But we can't live without controlling our birth.

Deep inside a voice cries out for you,
It's not alone 'cause, people, I been cryin' too.
If we don't stop what we all see is wrong,
I guarantee you mankind won't live long.

There's a land, a glorius land,
It's right here on Earth.
Understand what you can from the land,
Your life is it's worth.

To face the problems that everyone's found,
We must replace what we took out of the ground.
Pray for your brother, let your soul find a way,
Help one another, oh, please listen to what I say.

Loneliness ...
Oh I can't get away from loneliness ...
Yeah, loneliness
Loneliness ...
Can't get away from loneliness ...

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  1. great group there is a lot about this reunion tour there is something else since the tour one is sick
    but they made The 1970 atlanta pop festival the rise to fame . they also set one of the most revolt
    suing their manager they were drop from capitol the stock went down almost to bankrupcy this is the main reason why they are not in the hall of fame .Steven Stills told me 3 months ago the monopolies of capitol records they actually are now too strong influence in the votes That is why
    they were sued by a group an activist here is where the problem with multiply was sued but the ruling of 5 federal judges showed how monopolies can fix the music cost .Capitol since the ruling are being very sale minded more discounted music with sales they are about even