Nov 5, 2008

Manga - Kandirma Kendini

English Translation:

Don't deceive yourself..

Loneliness is filling me up inside
As I slowly watch you leave
And see the end of a dream
As darkness enters your heart
Maybe my emotions are just an obsession
Sickness that kills you slowly
Dirty remains full of pain
This damned obsession never ends
Days, weeks, months pass by
Every day there comes without you a painful reality
As if there were a hand, slowly choking me
Every day there comes without you a painful reality
In fact you are not yourself
And the one inside you is not me
You inside me’s different from you
Me inside you’s different from me
Do not deceive yourself
Accept it, it’s just like you
Mankind keeps on living,
Breaking, hitting, demolishing, pouring out,
pulling out, taking, fleeing, leaving…
You seek, you ask, maybe you’ll find it
Having found, you’ll definitely stop
In the end into your pride you’ll lock up
Leave and forever be gone


  1. Is the first time I know about this people. Thanks a lot

  2. Maybe you dont remember Demian, I had posted all their videos in one of my ...old accounts those who were deleted, ans also in our groups...
    Last time was the last year.

  3. Maybe. Thanks a lot, anyway. and all the best .-)

  4. u 've done what u said..u posted MaNgaaaa!!!!
    and u were right about that this video is better...

  5. enya? what she has to do with this post?
    I dont get you