Oct 27, 2008

Krakovia - Summer Road

Krakovia are a band based in Spain who have a distinctive style of their own, a mix of rockabilly, punk, funk and rock.

The main members of the group are:
Vinila Von Bismark - vocals
Petra Flurr - vocals & lyrics
David Kano (previously of Cycle)- Moog, theremin
Juanjo Reig - electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Guille Mostaza (formerly of Ellos) - electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, synth, tambourine
Jay Monttila - bass and double bass.

They are currently signed to Subterfuge Records and released theeir debut album, Road Movies (2008).

Stay tuned for more Krakovia right here!

(If I like them, means they really have a FUTURE in the music business!)

Nikos Deja Vu

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  1. unknown and honest-funny punk&garage music from a great country. Thanks a lot