Sep 4, 2008

Elena Paparizou - Katse Kala (be good)


Open baby a bottle of champagne
until I get awfully drunk
bring me glasses full of drink
and give them to me in order to get dizzy
I don' t do favors easy
you think that i will get scared?

Its Saturday and I got out to get high
refill my glass to drink

I have learned to take risks
to step on it!

And I don't care if i turn upside down
One more damage does not matter!

I don't like to push the brake
I will dance even if i crash
I want to speed up baby
that's how i like to live

be good
be good
be good

Boys like you
I can find everywhere!

I've traveled around the world
you are not going to believe it,
light of my eyes

I've learned how love is
It's like a story for little children

Look at me and tell me the truth

I didn't understand
what you're asking of me?

You believe in love and you (don't you dear?) and
that's why you don't touch me!?!?!


  1. u translated eee for hours??
    sometimes i wanna pinch u:)hard!

  2. sweet, rythmical, strong,funny...Really good. Thanks a lot

  3. Thank you for translating...popping song. She is pretty.