Aug 11, 2012

Nikos Deja Vu - Bugs on my face


bugs on my face

Wind in my hair and dawn on my brow
Fresh air and freedom and no one around
All to myself this glorious morn
The new day's cool breath is starting to warm
Just one caveat I'm learning to hate
The ocean's cool spray is salted to taste
And I'm not alone, I got bugs on my face
There're June bugs and May flies
On summer's wind ride
God knows when they're born
Now I know when they died
A cornucopia of natures waste
Protein rich and vitamin laced
A moment of silence for the sacrifice,
That's made this day by the bugs on my face
There are moths and mosquitoes, uniramia all
The study of insects in academia hall
Up close and personal I'd have taken a class
And sought other ways to mount them on glass
Pinned them neat and evenly spaced
Gently placed in a trophy case
The marvelous beauty, of the bugs on my face
Marooned on an isle or imprisoned perhaps
I'd be more receptive to musical whaps
Of marinade morsels smack on my lips
Providing pate and natural dip
Pull up beside, I'll set you a place
Plenty to share, so grab a full plate
Please help yourself, to the bugs on my face
Le beetle au jus or flutter flambe
Have saved many men having no other way
But since I just dined on eggs of a hen
I've really no need to taste them again
No need to broil or bake or baste
I never will starve or wither and waste
'Cause I'll always have, All these bugs on my face
That bird on the wing soaring above
A twinkling eye that looks like love
A drive through window is all I am
My glasses look like a can of Spam
Or does he just see a gourmet place
Look out he's diving for cranial paste
I hope all he wants, is the bugs on my face
You'd think with those eyes all over their head
So many of them wouldn't end up dead
A thousand of me is all they see
Before becoming breakfast tea
Their fate is sealed when I turn the key
Roaring into that murky sea
One on the chin for the human race,
Another day spent with bugs on my face
All in all it could be worse
If road-kill flew they'd be no verse
All those squirrels and backwoods fare
My melon slicing through the air
So I'll open her up and stop complaining
Wash up for dinner and start entertaining
Watching for mammals just in case,
God I love these bugs on my face.....

Nikos Deja Vu

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