Oct 18, 2010

Nikos Deja Vu - Is Sweden still Swedish? [HQ]

Nikos Deja Vu - Is Sweden still Swedish?

Sweden was transformed from industrialized nation to a bananarepublic in only 20 years. Sweden (Sverige) is now an introvert cleptocracy.

Before 1977 Sweden had an immigration of 2000 per year. Recent years the government decided to promote massimmigration, nearly 100.000 asylumseekers arrive to Sweden each year. The number equals the population of three average Swedish cities.

There is no housing or resources left in Sweden so the government is cutting back on all social services. Sweden is cutting back the resources to healthcare, police, courts, drug and border enforcement, retirement accounts, schools, education at primary and college levels. At the same time the government is desperately trying to collect outstanding tax debts quicker. They tax people when they discover that expats come to visit Sweden, illegally they send a huge taxbill claiming they earned income without having any basis....

A testimonial you all have to see..

Nikos Deja Vu


  1. It,s a bit late to worry for that. If you look-back to 60,s and 70,s when muslim inmigration provided cheap working hand from France to Austria building-up the known as welfare state... Then and not now the problem started. Right now is growing-up becouse is louder and people are afraid while some politicians don,t know what to do or take a clear advantage on that wicked situation. Europe has been helping corrupted regims since several decades ago, and now with a non-sense crissis, complains...

  2. Excellent video
    World conquest,I don't think so!
    Need an island till the the smoke clears