Nov 21, 2008

Nikos Deja Vu - Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love

Originally it was a Velvet Underground song
here is the original by Velvet Underground

And below Lou Reed's cut, for Karkinaki:


  1. Grazie, mi ci voleva proprio...ti adoro per questo!
    Stupendo, meraviglioso, carezzevole pezzo...

    ...ora vorrei che tu ascoltassi questa versione...direi altrettanto meravigliosa...
    una voce femminile,...Milla Jovovich...


  2. Guarda...stasera mi hai fatto proprio un regalo, sono in debito con te! ciao

  3. I have always like Lou Reed. Bringing back memories Niko. Hugs, Rhonda

  4. great to see a photo of Niko from the Vevet Uderground She was shared by my older brother one month the next went to Manolo she was great she died in abeach on the meditteranian something an was refused treatment for a pnenonia due to the amount of tracks she had on both arms

  5. I know her, and this particular video
    sexy voice


  6. allora, sono molto contento
    I'm very glad

  7. Rou Reed...
    First time I heard him live it was in WEST BERLIN late 70's
    He gave a historical concert there that time, near the Berlin walls,
    then I "followed" him in Paris, France, where, in my humble opinion,
    he gave his best ever live performance, one of the best concerts in rock history (all bands).

    Thanx for your comment Ronda

  8. She died in Ibiza island, Spain in a hospital, after a motorbike accident.
    The doctors there had diagnosed wrongly that she was suffering from sunstroke, cause they didnt find any scars or evidences that she had road accident.
    She died then from internal brain bleeding which confirmed by other doctors later.
    BTW she was "clean" that time..