Nov 1, 2008

Hawkwind - Silver Machine (1972)


As a band, Hawkwind are pretty unique.
They have been assaulting their audiences senses for over thirty years now
with their own psychedelic space rock extravaganzas, while maintaining their
identity and largely sticking to their fundamental beliefs.
They formed in the Summer of 1969, rehearsed in a basement in Putney and made
their debut appearance at the 'All Saints Hall' in Notting Hill Gate,
South London on 29th August 1969. This debut airing consisted of:

Dave Brock on guitar, harmonica and vocals
Nik Turner on saxaphone
Mick Slattery on lead guitar
John Harrison on bass guitar
Terry Ollis on drums
Dik Mik on various electronic gadgets and audio generator.

Not even billed to play, they arrived on the scene, gate–crashed and
announced they would be first on. The band, who at this time never even had a name,
decided to call themselves 'Group X' and played a short ten–minute psychedelic jam.

Here is the whole story:


  1. I remember very well when and where I heard this song for my first time!
    I was travelling with some friends, going to Thessaloniki from Athens.
    It was spring of 1981 around 18:00, some kilometers before entering the city.
    On the radio, 109,6 - Jeronymo FM (not exists now)...
    The sound was crystal clear full stereo.
    I missed the words of the speaker about the band and the title.
    I couldn't understand which band it was and if the repeating "silver machine" was the title...
    When finally we arrived home, my first move was to call the radio to ask about the song!
    Thank God the DJ was still there at the radio station and he informed me with details.
    He also added "hey man! kinda late you discovered Hawkwind"

    Thanks for the remind bro (even if the sound on this video is not the best)
    Take care


  2. Yeahhhh :)) Good memory bro!
    But you missed something!
    I was driving that car in which you were travelling :))
    You forgot this?
    But thanx anyway for the sweet reminder!