Nov 12, 2008

21 November - Hellenic Armed Forces Day

Τhe 21st of November marks the Armed Forces day in Greece. It is a celebration dedicated to the watchful guardians of the Greek borders; the guarantors of security, peace and prosperity of the Greek people.
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The Hellenic Armed Forces mission is to deter all forms of threat, provocation and armed attack against our country, support and promote our national interests, continuously strengthening its deterrent capability and fulfilling our country's commitment to the international community.

Taking into account Greece's geostratigic position, the current international environment and contemporary challenges and it is imperative for our country to have collectively powerful and prepared Armed Forces. Greece has successfully responded to this challenge resulting in international recognition of the country as a pole of peace, stability and cooperation. Appropriately organized and structured, the Hellenic Armed Forces are able to take action against any form of provocation with speed, accuracy and flexibility ensuring that the desired result is accomplished.

The participation of the Hellenic Armed Forces in peacekeeping operations under the aegis of the United Nations, as well as their cooperation in a bilateral level with other countries, emphasizes the significant role of Greece as a factor of power, peace and stability at an international level. Greece, as a member state of NATO and the European Union, contributes through the active role of its Armed Forces in safeguarding and promoting peace and stability both in the vicinity and in the broader region, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in the process.

The Hellenic Armed Forces play an equally important social role within the country. With the provision of military means and personnel they support the relief efforts in natural occurring disasters, emergencies, as well as aerial evacuations and search and rescue missions both on sea and land. Finally, the Hellenic Armed Forces play a vital role in protecting the environmental wealth of Greece, many times at the cost of their lives. Equipped with vision, enthusiasm, moral principles, determination and persistence and having the full support of the Greek state and its people, the Hellenic Armed Forces successfully fulfil their mission...


  1. always remember this: make love -peacefully- and not war. all the best .-)

  2. no one needs wars, but as the ancients said,
    "if you want peace - prepare for war"
    something they knew....
    As you know, Greece resides in a very dangerous yet strategical position on this planet.
    Lucky you, you don't have external enemies there in Spain...

  3. You going to need it check some of the posts around the world this place is surrounded